“When you find a gem of a yoga teacher, you don’t need to go elsewhere. I was persuaded to try Jackie’s class over 10yrs ago when I already had my “regular” class and never left. She manages to fit in a strong flow, blended with lovely pranayamas and asanas, an average class restores body and soul. If you venture further and do a retreat your yoga is then stretched another level with a full holistic blend of practice and meditation. Jackie faces challenges with strength, blended with a deep calm, inspiring you to just stretch your boundaries a little bit more.”

Emma Lock

“I recommend Jackie’s yoga classes to everyone. Jackie is fabulous and makes everyone feel at ease in class, even when the class is full of people on different levels, I never feel like anyone is competing or there’s any pressure, it’s your practice to do what you feel you need for yourself. I always feel re-energised and content after a class with Jackie. I’m very excited to be going on my first retreat later in the year.”

Kelly S.

“Having practiced with many teachers over the years in different yoga traditions I always look forward to Jackie’s classes and retreats. She is an excellent teacher.Jackie is very welcoming and has a relaxed and engaging approach which allows each of us to work at our level of comfort and experience.She has a thorough knowledge of yoga rooted in tradition but carries this lightly. I enjoy the sessions and benefit that I get from at times being calm and relaxed, to at times having the more physical challenge of some of the postures.If you have never tried a Yoga Nidra session I would recommend giving it a go, and indeed any of Jackie’s classes.“

Jim at Kingsand

“Jackie’s weekly classes are an integral and essential part of my life and have been for several years now. Being able to switch off from the day, clear my mind and focus on just one thing – Yoga, is a joy. Having a calm, gracious and experienced yoga instructor in the form of Jackie is invaluable to help us reset the chaos in our minds and aches and pains in our ageing bodies!”

Tam Jarvis

“I have been attending Jackie’s yoga sessions for many years now and am particularly impressed by the way she encourages participants to listen to their own individual bodies and minds, accepting that our feelings and flexibility can differ from one session to the next, and that we should not be afraid to adapt our practice to suit our individual needs. This demonstrates Jackie’s gift for leading a very holistic yoga practice with understanding and compassion, and a smidgen of humour!

Kathy Boston

“Jackie is a wonderful teacher and despite restrictions imposed by Covid regulations over the last year has managed to successfully run her yoga and relaxation sessions. Her clear and supportive teaching, even via Zoom, has enabled me to advance from complete beginner to attending stronger classes. Highly Recommended”.

Trish Guthrie

“Jackie is a wonderful yoga teacher – the perfect blend of body and soul.”

Rachel Coppock

“She is conscientious and reliable and empathic. I have found her fair too. During the pandemic, if people had lost their jobs she only charged them what they could afford or nothing. Her classes show a real knowledge of Hinduism/Buddhism but I never feel I have to follow the view and she is very normal in her presentation of the esoteric. I really recommend her as an excellent teacher who makes the classes enjoyable, and if I don’t feel like doing an asana (position), I just lie down for a few moments.”

Robin Young

“I have been attending Jackie’s yoga classes regularly for many year, perhaps 7. I have done yoga previously, but found that Jackie’s classes are clear, safe and authentic. She is a very good teacher, obviously knows her stuff and is clear and caring, making me feel safe, despite having bad knees and getting older (70 now). She is a genuine person with a sense of humour, and never puts herself in a place above us all, but is friendly.”

Robin Young

“Jackie is a great yoga teacher. Her lessons are varied so we don’t do the same thing each week. She listens if you have ailments from week to week and gently reminds you, during classes, what to do and sometimes, more importantly, what not to do! She’s a very ‘laid back’ person and this helps to make everyone in the class relax – especially at the end. She’s always running extra classes with other formats – which makes life interesting. I’d recommend her to anyone.”

Judy Holland